Transforming the Landscape of office space management systems in Australia

Innovative solution empowers business people to effortlessly manage their short-term office requirements

UX/UI design, research, CRM design
product design

The project aimed to explore the concept of flexible offices in Australia and create an intuitive platform that meets the needs of both professionals and office space providers. We embarked on extensive research and conducted interviews to understand the need and perceptions of professionals toward flexible office solutions. We sought to uncover their concerns and current methods of solving the problem of short-term office rentals for their teams.

Design Approach:

Our design approach was rooted in the principles of Design Thinking, starting with thorough research and empathy-building exercises. By engaging in interviews and discussions, we gained valuable insights into the pain points and desires of our target audience. Using this information, we created detailed persona profiles, capturing their unique challenges, motivations, and goals. 

We embraced an iterative approach to constantly validate our assumptions and designs. By involving stakeholders in the process, we collectively shaped the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version roadmap. This roadmap included complex features such as payment integration, request management, and room booking functionality. Our focus was on providing a seamless and tailored experience for professionals seeking flexible office spaces.


Office Office represents a significant milestone in revolutionizing the way Australian business owners approach flexible office management. By adhering to the principles of Design Thinking, we crafted a user-centric platform that seamlessly connects professionals with suitable office spaces. This project stands as a testament to our expertise in UX/UI design and our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and their target audiences.

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Innovative solution empowers business people to effortlessly manage their short-term office requirements

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